Monday, June 15, 2015

Battle of the Bands: SEND ME ON MY WAY

I Almost did not post for today's Battle of the Bands, hosted by DfensDogG Stephen T. McCarthy and the woodland nymph Far Away Series. Its hot and windy, I only have a swamp cooler, and my computer is hating all the damp, dusty air. Keys sticking, aphids coming in during the evenings for the glowing light, cat leaving hair everywhere, my wine tasting of hairy-dust and getting warm too quickly. My hands sweating and smudging everything. Enough to make me want to take a long break. Soon.

My head feels all stuffed with damp fluff, and everything I came up with for the second post in the Dads, Grads, and Grooms theme for June limply fizzled away. I kinda started a love song to counter the RUN advice; I'm a glass-half-empty girl, so gotta get that negativity out of the way before clawing upward to bliss. Somehow love and romance seemed too radically opposite, even though it perfectly fits for dads and grooms who stick it out.

Nearly despairing of finding a song for today, I discovered Rusted Root, Send Me On My Way on a list of top songs for graduates. Seems to fit for the adventures into the future for marriage and fatherhood too. So . .

The lyrics were written by Rusted Root frontman Michael Glabiki, and several members of the band contributed musical tracks. A rough version of the song appeared on their Cruel Sun album released in 1992, and a cleaner version on their 1994 album When I Woke. The nonsensical lyrics are attributed to a general "happiness" feeling in the studio during the song's impromptu creation. The single (1995) made it to #72 on Billboard's Hot 100, and Send Me On My Way has made its notable appearances at commencement ceremonies and as part of a soundtrack for multiple children's movies as Matilda and Ice Age; and was used as the soundtrack for the coming of age tv drama series Party Of Five. Its highest honor, however, is that NASA used the song as wake-up music on the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity, for Sol 21.

Despite the song's wide media usage, I found no covers for the upbeat little ditty. Nope, none. Unless you count a few garage-band type productions and karaoke recordings. The contenders for today's Battle of the Bands feature are quite a step up from garage band, however, but were nearly impossible to find. Please welcome to the stage The Black Eagle jazz band and a group known all over the North East as Annie in the Water.

Copied From their website:  The Black Eagle's is have been a fixture on the international jazz scene since 1971, bringing the sounds of traditional New Orleans Jazz to audiences all over the world, for more than 40 years! Many observers regard us as the premier band playing in the traditional jazz style; we do regard ourselves as the "Keepers of the Flame”.

If you like the uplifting and soulful music of New Orleans you'll love the sound of the New Black Eagle Jazz Band. The band has delighted audiences all over the world with their huge and eclectic repertoire of jazz from the 1920's and 30's. The group has a mature mastery of this great American music- from Louis Armstrong and Jelly Roll Morton to early Duke Ellington to Cole Porter; from blues to rags to popular songs of the era.

The band has performed extensively all across North America, and has toured throughout Europe countless times. They have performed in New Orleans, London, Edinburgh, Belfast and Toronto to name a few. In 2011 they opened the Newport Jazz Festival to a packed house. They have been featured in concert with many jazz legends including Doc Cheatham, "Kid" Thomas, Benny Waters, Odetta and Milt Hinton, and with symphony orchestras - the Boston Pops, the Scottish National Orchestra , the Baltimore Symphony to name a few.

The band has released over 40 recordings (including the Grammy-nominated "On the River") and videos. Their music has been featured in Ken Burns' documentaries and on NPR Radio. The band has also been a guest on The Prairie Home Companion show.

Copied From their website: Annie in the Water is a high-energy Acoustic/electric jam group that blends Rock, Reggae, Funk, Groove, Blues, Hip-Hop and Bluegrass to deliver a unique sound and an unforgettable performance. With a multitude of genres, exclusive electronic tones and elaborate looping, Annie in the Water has bridged a fan base between young and old. What is really special is the group’s ability to play to any atmosphere whether it be a festival, bar, venue, private party, wedding or dinner music.

Beginning in 2008, with every performance the band’s presence adapts and the sound evolves, creating a blend of music and entertainment that is both inspired by and tailored to the audience.  Dynamic originals combined with the ability to render current hits and classic tunes in their own creative style are elements that contribute to the perpetual fun atmosphere and great vibes that can’t be duplicated anywhere else.  What keeps fans coming back is the excitement of knowing that something different will happen every show since the group likes to incorporate songs within songs and mix-match beatbox with freestyle jams and lyrics.

Not only does  Annie in the Water possess the ability to perform a highly entertaining show, but they also maintain a high level of professionalism at all times. When it’s time to work, nothing else matters and that is why their popularity not only grows with fans, but with venues and promoters as well.  Their social media network provides quantitative proof that Annie in the Water’s sound resonates across the nation and that their fan base spans worldwide…  This is only the beginning.

Ok, you know the drill; lets vote for your favorite contender (or least disliked) in the comments. Remember, the contest is between THE BLACK EAGLES and ANNIE IN THE WATER. If  you would like to visit a list of more Battle of the Bands participants, visit the fearless Saint Mac.

Stay cool, and keep tapping those toes!!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

No offense, but I will have to vote for least annoying. Annie on the Water gets my vote. At least it had good energy.

DEZMOND said...

OMG Donnzie, some of them songs were a serious waste of time :)

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Annie in the Water needs to work on their stage design. LOL I did like that version better.

Cathy Kennedy said...
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Cathy Kennedy said...

Donna, are my ears deceiving me? Rusted Root and Black Eagle sound identical. *scratch head* This is a kinda catchy, fun tune and I definitely get happy vibes from the song. My listen to the song I felt a bit annoyed with it, but then it grew on me. Strange! The vocals in both the original and second vid kinda didn't set with me 100%, so for this reason along I'm giving my vote Annie in the Water. They show promising potential. Great battle. Try to stay cool. I hear it's summer again...almost. lol The heat is horrible for mid-June. I told DH yesterday it felt more like July. :( I'm ready for fall's return.

A Beer For The Shower said...

Annie in the Water had such great energy. Definitely prefer them over the original.

Pat Hatt said...

The first two sounded exactly the same to be, but like the 2nds video better, so they win for me.

Arlee Bird said...

Never heard this song before to my knowledge. I'm not thrilled with it, but I can see how its bouncy nature would appeal to younger generations.

I believe that Black Eagle video is merely the original Rusted Root version with some military outfit appearing in the video. Are you sure you've got the right band? Looking up the Black Eagle Jazz Band I find a dixieland jazz group.

Anyhow, I'm not overly thrilled with the Rusted Root version, but that take by Annie in the Water really rocks out. I like them the best.

Cast my vote for Annie in the Water.

Arlee Bird
A to Z Challenge Co-host
Tossing It Out

Robin said...

I followed the link for Black Eagle to their YouTube page. This is actually a version by Rusted Root. I know it was probably confusing since The Black Eagles are actually a band, but I think was a military outfit called The Black Eagles using the Rusted Root version of the song. Ooopsie.

Since I was at YouTube I looked around a bit for Send Me On My Way. I do believe my favorite version is this one:

I'd never heard this song before, so they were all new to me.

I couldn't understand the words when Rusted Root sang it, so I'm going with Annie in the Water.

Mary Burris said...

My vote goes to Annie In The Water.

Debbie D. said...

The first two were different videos of the same recording. Regardless, I preferred the Annie in the Water version. More energy. ☺

Anonymous said...

Don't really like this song all that much, but I felt like Annie in the Water did it better. The Black Eagles one is literally the same same as the original haha

Jeffrey Scott said...

Tough choice for me, they were both pretty good.
However, I will give my vote to Black Eagle. Was not as long, and seemed smoother to me somehow.

Michele Truhlik said...

I like Annie in the Water better. It was more energetic. I liked the acoustical beginning and then it jammed into high gear. My vote for Annie in the Water. Strange name for a band... :)
Michele at Angels Bark

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

Well, I'm sure glad you made it to BOTB despite the issues. You sure did a lot of research for the post, too. A-1 job!

>>... my wine tasting of hairy-dust and getting warm too quickly

Now that's just UNACCEPTABLE! That is simply going TOO FAR! What we goin' do 'bout this, Donna-Of-The-Vine?!

>>... the woodland nymph Far Away Series.

Ha!-Ha! Is FAE aware that she's a woodland nymph?

>>... the fearless Saint Mac.

I ain't very saintly, but I'm just too stupid to be a-feared of anything.

I think that I too shall vote for ANNIE IN THE WA-WA. The tempo shift appealed to me, and then after awhile they really got to jamming.

So pleased you were able to join us, my friend, despite the heat, the wind, the damp 'n' dust, the sticking keys, the aphids, cat hair (and worst of all) the poor wine situation. You are a true trooper! I shall drink to YOU!

~ D-FensDogG
'Loyal American Underground'

Carol Kilgore said...

Annie in the Water. I like their style.

dolorah said...

Alex: sometimes thats all you can ask for :)

Dezzy: it happens :(

Dianne: I got a kick out of the sound studio too.

Cathy: yeah, I thought they sounded alike too, but after coming up with links to a band of the same name, I just thought they were a sound alike. I've ran across local bands that were pretty darned close to the original.

Beers: thanks for the vote :)

Thanks Pat: got you for Black Eagle.

Lee; no apparantely not *hangs head in shame* I did listen to a couple songs by the jazz bank I linked to, and liked them.

Robin: ha, yeah I almost posted that A Capella version instead of black eagles, but couldn't find any links. Next time I will go with my first instinct :)

Thanks for stopping by Mary, Deb and Madi :)

Jeff: I think the military personnel swayed me to post that one.

Michelle: strange indeed; I kept looking for a girl in the band. The band's style grew on me too, the longer I listened.

StMac: See what happens when I put together a post when I'm not in the mood :( Well, can't keep that pristine reputation forever, huh? I'm sure deep down, somewhere long forgotten you're a saint. Azazel had to inhabit somebody, yes :) Annie did get much better as the song went along. I like the musical jamming at the end too.

Hi Carol *waves*

VR Barkowski said...

Sorry about your weather, Donna. I know your pain. Better a swamp cooler than nothing. Been there, too.

I have to go with Annie in the Water, given the first two sounded the same. Can’t say I’m a fan of the group name though. It's kind of manipulative. Like they want everyone to ask why they're called AITW.

VR Barkowski

John Holton said...

I didn't listen to the original, even though this wasn't a song I was familiar with.

I liked the way the Black Eagles did this one better than the way Annie in the Water did it, so they get my vote on this one.

Dixie@dcrelief said...

Hi Donna! I really liked this song. I loved the original and it's video - so cheerful! Annie in the Water was too much for me today. I'm voting for the Black eagles!

Take care of you - and spray the aphids with water mixed with dish detergent. Wear a small ice pack wrapped in a thin, long towel around your neck, to cool off. :)

Janie Junebug said...

I love this song. I've never heard it before. I vote for The Black Eagles because I like their sound and because they've been on A Prairie Home Companion. Garrison Keillor's approbation means the world to me. Garrison, oh Garrison, I will read some of my poetry on your show.

Janie the Christian Jungle Girl

Denise Covey said...

Wow, Donna it does sound hot where you are! Just when we're enjoying a nice mild winter. We so deserve it after 6 months of heatwaves.

Enjoy your bands! Ignorant me has not heard of them.

Denise :-)

Nicki Elson said...

Oh wow, Annie in the water did a great job waking that song up! Though I liked the original version too. (i.e. I'm wussing out on voting).

farawayeyes said...

Woodland nymph, eh? Well, I like that a whole lot better than some of the other things I've been called lately, Ha!

I'm voting for Black Eagles even though after skimming the comments it seems as though this is really those Rusty guys. Who knew? Anyway, I like the energy in that version no matter who is doing it.

Now, isn't it time to take a trip up here to the mountains and get out of all that heat and dust? The wine is chilled quite nicely at my place.

Al Diaz said...

This song is one of my favorites. I think I'll go with Annie in the Water. I see more energy there. Excellent choice of a song. :) Dragon Hugs!

dolorah said...

VR: Yeah, swamp cooler better than fan alone :) I know what you mean about the name.

John: Black Eagle was very cool.

Dixie: water and dish soap? I like simple solutions. Thanks Polka Dot :)

Janie: Nice that you have heard of them. I will wish you luck getting on the show.

Denise: Not many have heard of them. No shame. The weather here cooled a little. You sure sound upbeat :)

Hi Nicki

FAE: of course woodland nymph: capricious, beautiful, nature lover. Fits you too a tee :) I am so tempted to dash up there for a weekend.

Thanks Al :)

Mark Koopmans said...

I didn't know either of the bands (is that bad?) but the Annie one was a little better... but I may not add either group to my Spotify.... is that badder?

PS... Hope the wine is staying cool - and you cooler!

M Pax said...

Come hang out in my ice cave. I can't stand heat either. Have a great weekend.

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