Monday, December 15, 2014


Its Battle of the Bands time, hosted by the sexiest man alive Steven McCarthy and Far Away Series, and while I'm an inconsistent participant, I couldn't resist a bit of holiday fun. I put a lot of thought into this publication - didn't want my cynical or rock-a-billy/red neck nature to offend any true believers, so I think I settled on a compromise everyone should be able to enjoy.

I'm a Grinch when it comes to Christmas season, but there are some benefits to this time of year: COOKIES. I do believe when it comes to it, I could go a few munchie rounds with the Cookie Monster to get my share. Now, those of you who know me know that I'm not much of a cook, and even less of a baker, but I got my daughter, mom and sister to make up for my lack. And when it comes to the "home made" gifts - well, sugar cookies (no chocolate added) are my preferred gifts. UrUhm; sugar cookies any time of year.

Funnily enough, I've had occasion to bake Christmas Cookies when my now grown children were little, and my favorite ex-husband resembles the lyrics of this song. Yep, those were some good times.

This song is written and sung by the wholesome, country music icon George Strait, and originally appeared on his 1999 Christmas Album. And I'm sure some of ya'll are practically gagging on this artist's simplistic and traditional musical renditions. But please, please give this song a listen with all the intended fun of the holiday spirit.

I don't know who George's only cover rival for this song is. Never heard of him; although if you are from Oklahoma City you may have heard him as the weekday, mid-day DJ at 93.3 Jake/FM, or playing at Oklahoma's Official Country Music Show. Whatever, I think Owen Pickard (Centenial Rodeo Opry) is pretty good - at least for this song. And, I'm just grateful somebody else has covered this song on uTube, otherwise I would not have been able to feature it today.

Now, I hope you listened to at least one version all the way through; this is likely the cleanest, sweetest post you'll ever see from me, and if any one of you tells me you don't like Christmas cookies, or stealing 15 minutes of "kissin and huggin" between baking times, then you're likely more of a Grinch than I am!!

Leave your votes in the comments, and visit Stephen T McCarthy's BotB blog for a list of other participants.

And if you're not inclined to vote, at least leave me a favorite Christmas Cookie story in the comments. Nom nom, I'll just eat it all up.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I managed to listen to a snippet of each. Sorry, I just don't like country music. Between the two, I'd give it to Strait though.
And I'm not much for baking, but I can make a mean chocolate chip cookie.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I like George Strait's version a little better.

Want my recipe for Diane's Mutant Frosted Sugar Cookies?

Chris Fries said...

Hi Donna! I saw you had a BOTB post today and added your blog to my list on my BOTB post today.

Fun song -- but I have to give the edge to George. I really like the bluegrass-jazz feel, and the instrumental fills in his version are stellar, especially by the dobro and guitar. And his singing is a little more fun -- getting a definite Jim Stafford vibe in his rendition.

Owen's OK, but George takes this battle.

Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

DEZMOND said...

What? There's a song about cookies?

Pat Hatt said...

Strait gets my vote. I'm fine with those 15 minutes lol but can't eat the cookies

Arlee Bird said...

Gosh, you were missing from my BOTB list, but now that has been remedied.

What a fun song! I've never heard this before, but this was a great way to perk up my morning. It even got me out of my seat dancing with my coffee in hand, but, alas, no Christmas cookies. Now I've got a craving.

Owen holds his own on this, but he can't beat George. My vote is a Strait one..

Tossing It Out

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

>>... hosted by the sexiest man alive Steven McCarthy

Oh, Gosh-Dern-it! Not you too now!

Methinks someone ought to at least meet me face-to-face before calling me names. (A face-to-face, honest-to-shatness meeting would cure y'all o' this nonsense!)

>>... my favorite ex-husband

Ha! Now THAT was funny. (It almost made up for the nonsense about me.)

Never heard this song before, but I like it. Yeah, Chris was right about the Jim Stafford remark, particularly when it gets to the line "something you may have overlooked or missed" - that's Stafford-ish. And by the way, I LOVES me some Jim Stafford! Jim and Roger Miller - two of the funniest songwriters of all time!

Donna, this is a tough vote because both versions are so similar. After reading all the comments above mine, I was sure I would also be voting for George Strait but...

I listened to half of each version a second time and, I don't mean to be a contrarian but, it seems to me Owen is having just a little tiny bit more fun with the song, so I'll vote Owen. But, truthfully, it was close to "six of one, half a dozen of the other"...with sprinkles on top, please.

~ D-FensDogg
'Loyal American Underground'

A Beer For The Shower said...

Like Alex, I'm not a big fan of country, but I give the slight edge to George Strait.

Also, I'm very much a grinch, but I still love Christmas cookies. It has less to do with the "Christmas" and more to do with the "cookies" part, though.

dolorah said...

Alex: I'm good at putting those pre-made little buttons on a tray and getting them out of the oven on time :)

Diane: Oh Hell yeah!!!

Chris: have a wonderful Christmas yourself.

Dezzy: right?!

Pat: no cookies? Oh, uhm, must be the cat making that statement.

Lee: I don't participate often :) Love the Strait vote.

Mr T: its ok, I love my fantasy version of you. I portray myself as a cougar, though I've never trolled the bars, even when I was young enough to be a kitten. And yeah, I loved Owens too, he did look like he enjoyed playing the song.

Beers: yep, its all about the cookie :)

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

Donna ~
I am certainly older than you... by quite a margin. So you'd need to find a time machine and blast forward to be a cougar in our fantasy fling. Ha!

~ D-FensDogg
'Loyal American Underground'

farawayeyes said...

I LIKE country music and I really like Christmas Cookies, unfortunately they are off the menu for me this Christmas, but I'm baking them and giving them away fast.

As for this song, I had never heard it before even though I do have a GS Christmas CD. It really is fun!

Owen did a fine job of covering 'Christmas Cookies' and he DID look like he was having a good time in the video, but when it comes to George, 'nobody does it better'. Give that REAL singing cowboy my vote. It's George Strait all the way for me.

There is snow on the peaks here, but nothing down at the lake. The temps have been staying far too warm. We have been getting rain though and that's a good thing.I'm still hopeful to see one of those big snow Sierra winters, but so far - not this year.

Birgit said...

I give it to George Strait even though I am not a country fan but his voice seems to have more humour in it with a little "devil" thrown in. I just baked some cookies and while listening to this song, my hubby was eating some of my cookies!

DiscConnected said...

I document my loathing for the tuning of country music guitar on my blog, and so this was a bit painful, although the song is a fun and upbeat tune, and is a Christmas song I was unfamiliar with (although it must be on one of the pile of Christmas CD's I have been stepping over all month and I just do not remember)...

I think I will give it to Strait-he makes it a little more mainstream.

dolorah said...

Stephen: ah, don't make a girl blush. *blows kisses*

FAE: shame no cookies for you this season. Sugar free just wouldn't work at all. You'll likely get snow around February. GS is my favorite REAL singing cowboy too.

Birgit: seems to be a husbands job this time of year :)

Dic: I've noticed your dislike of country as much as Alex's. I'm not sure I've heard George sing this on anything except the radio. It is a lot of fun.

Dixie@dcrelief said...

I make a lot of cookies. And I wouldn't mind King George showing up to try them out, but the youngin' with that 'git-fiddle' on the side is too cute to push away from the stove. Like 'they' say: nothing says lovin' like something from the oven.
I'm off to the rodeo: Owen Pikard!

Al Diaz said...

I think I liked Owen's version although I'm not fan of country music. But I'm fan of cookies and virgin snacks! Dragon Hugs!

Cathy Kennedy said...

I do love Sugar Cookies and I made these with my children. It was such fun! I miss those days. *sigh* I guess I'll just have to make some for DH & me now they are grown and out of the house. I'm not a huge country music fan, especially the old sound of country. I do like the newer, contemporary country music. Between the two artists, I think George Strait squeezes out Owen Pickard by pinch. So, Georgesteals my vote!

Chrys Fey said...

You're a Grinch? *GASP* ;)

Who doesn't love Christmas cookies? I guess I'm going to go against the grain here and vote for Owen. I just liked his better. *shrugs*

Tammy Theriault said...

Oh no you don't! you come over and make cookies with me till that Grinch heart grows!! I'm going with George because he is a class act hands down.

Robin said...

No way I can vote against George Strait. That man has the finest voice. He's always a pleasure to listen to... so chalk another for George Strait.

klahanie said...

Gee, thanks Donna! I find a bit of time at gone two in the morning to visit your site. What do you do? You put me through Country n' Western, hell! :)

George Strait is most deffo' the version I like best, y'all and yee haa!

The Grinch is my hero! Let's bake some cookies and that really takes the biscuit....

Gary :)

Shannon Lawrence said...

This is a cute song I don't believe I've heard before. I liked both renditions. If I HAD to choose, I'd go with Strait.

Julie Dao said...

I just baked a HUGE batch of Christmas cookies last weekend. They're one of my favorite parts of the holidays, too! Hope you're doing well, Donna!

VR Barkowski said...

I'm not a country music fan either, although I do think it lends itself particularly well to holiday tunes (Gene Autry and Rudolph of the Red Nosed Reindeer anyone?). I'm going to vote for Owen on this one. First, I feel bad because I've never heard of him. Second, he's cute. Third, I like his energy—he's clearly having fun, Fourth and finally, the poor boy needs some votes.

Happy holidays, Donna!

VR Barkowski