Monday, October 28, 2019


Hey Y'all

Sorry I've been absent. Missed a few postings I wanted to participate in. My focus has not been on writing lately. Sold my home - got a great profit! But been in escrow for three houses and still living with family - yuck!!!! Work sucks - doesn't it always?!? Family drama. Did I mention living with family? Not cuz I'm destitute - far from it - but just haven't found a new home to close escrow on. So frustrating . . .

Just too much going on at home to write on anything, or even to blog hop around.

I miss it all though.

And . . since I followed some really good advice and secured my blog so all my friends and in-linkz postings can be seen on my blog - not to mention letting the blog go stagnant for a couple months - it seems I'm having more TROLL COMMENTS than friendly visitors. I deleted at least 12 spam comments from the last IWSG post. Seems the more secure you make a site, the harder it is for the regulars to visit.

Don't we love our electronics.

Anyway - the TROLLS have discovered my blog again, but that's not the reason I've all but abandoned the Community. I have just been otherwise occupied, and expect to be lax here for the rest of the year. Seems a good time to fix my life.

And perhaps I will come up with some good Troll stories while I'm not minding my blog for a couple months.

Good luck to all of you . . .