Monday, January 25, 2016

UNDEAD ROAD, David Powers King

Today, please help me give a warm welcome to the awesome author/blogger David Powers King.

Thank you for having me, Donna! They say it’s about the journey, not the destination. This is all too true with my journey as an author. There’s no destination in sight, and you know, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It all started with a crazy science fiction story I cooked up in high school and I’ve been at this writing business ever since. I’ve been lucky to befriend many wonderful authors and have gathered an audience on my website. But it wasn’t always easy, and it did take years to get to where I am today. If you have the dream and determination, you’ll go far. I also have many who have helped me along the way. I thank them for their time and their wisdom.

My first published book was Woven, a YA fantasy about a ghost, a princess, and the search for a magic needle. Now that the world of publishing is changing, I’ve decided to go hybrid by self-publishing The Undead Road, the first book in a new zombie series. Juggling between traditional and self-publishing my work will be an interesting adventure indeed. And being unemployed at the moment, more so. You’re invited to check out the worlds I’ve created in these two stories.

Whether you’re a writer or not, never stop believing in what you can achieve. Dream large, stand tall, and open your mind, for you are the conduit for a story that is yet to be told.

* * *
What a fabulous journey you've had David. Thank you for sharing it with us. I hope all goes well with this  newest novel, and your self-publishing journey.

Title: The Undead Road: My Zombie Summer: Part One
Publisher: Dashboard Books / CreateSpace
Ebook Release: January 2st, 2016
Paperback: January 26th, 2016
Cover by Steven Novak
Edited by Reece Hanzon


Nothing brings the family together like a zombie apocalypse …

Fifteen-year-old Jeremy Barnes would rather watch a zombie movie than shoot a real one, but he has no choice if his family wants to survive the end of the world. Their plan? Drive across the infected United States to a cabin in the Colorado Rockies without a scratch, but their trip takes a complicated detour in the middle of Nebraska when they find Kaylynn, a girl who can handle a baseball bat better than Jeremy can hold a .45 Berretta. And when they stumble into a sanctuary, Jeremy soon learns that Kaylynn is stronger than she looks—a deadly secret lies inside her.

After the radio picks up a distress call from Kansas City about a possible cure, Jeremy’s parents go with a team to investigate. They never return. The only way to find their parents is for Jeremy and his sister Jewel to rely on a dangerous girl who might just turn on them at any moment.

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Phrase for The Undead Road:

"For me, zombie stories are never about the killing. They're about the survivors and how people deal with the apocalypse. To this undead end, David Powers King has come up with the most original spin on zombies I've ever read." - Michael Offutt, author of Slipstream and Oculus

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The ebook is on sale Jan 25-29th for .99 cents in the Kindle store

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About the Author: David Powers King was born in beautiful downtown Burbank, California where his love for film inspired him to be a writer. He is the co-author of the YA fantasy novel WOVEN, published by Scholastic. An avid fan of science fiction and fantasy, David also has a soft spot for zombies and the paranormal. He currently lives deep in the mountain West with his wife and three children.

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Friday, January 15, 2016


Hey Lovers - musically inclined and otherwise . . .

Gee, did you notice the first month of the year is half over already? How did that happen so quickly?

You know, Battle of the Bands has been going on a long, long, long, long, long . . well, maybe not THAT long time. Started by then ex-pat FAR AWAY EYES, then supported by everyone's favorite fascist Stephen T McCarthy, and joined by many, many music enthusiasts over its blogging history. Through good times and sad times, wacky and weird, classic and rock and hip hop and raggae blues; this group has risen to the challenge twice a month.

I've posted for the BotB more often than not, until lately. So nice to see some new faces hanging out, and new tastes in music; plus those old timers (not necessarily OLD timers Lee) and their steady bop. I've enjoyed this variety show, and made some good friends along the way; but its time for me to join the ranks of those that have abandoned moved along in their journey.

My excuses run from sooooo so busy, to the "I really should be writing," but eventually is probably more like I've run out of ideas. A combination of all expected justifications, but boils down to this being my last post - for the Battles. For a while anyways.

Not the last time I'll visit all the BotB participants, as time allows. As mentioned, I've made some awesome friends with this competition series, and I prefer reading/listening to posts rather than crafting them lately.

Life being what it is, I'm intending to focus what free time I have (between procrastination tactics and writing related commitments) on actual WRITING. Its been a couple years since I had anything published, and I just bet if I sat down and wrote out some of those stories, then let my CPs nit pik out the flaws and submitted to ezines, I might feel that writing gratification again. Maybe. I'll start with the Lost and Found blogfest on Feb 1 - meaning I better get something written soon or that deadline will pass me by too.

My song pick today isn't a battle. I'd probably forget (as always) to return to post the votes and winners. And wowzers, do you know how many sappy or f**k you leaving/goodbye/farewell songs are out there? I'm not dying, going away forever, or pissed at my BotB relationship! Have we had a blast or what? So I'm sparing y'all that with just a simple song that imparts the sentiment "yo, don't forget to come back for regular posts; I'll see you for your's too!"

Later Folks. See ya around the virtual studios.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


How cool, huh? Not only is this the first Wednesday of the month, its the first Wednesday of year 2016. I have high hopes for this year in both my writing and everyday life.

I feel its important to start the year with positive thoughts. Later in the year, as things get out of whack and hard to deal with, it will be good to reflect there was a point when things were exciting, new. When there was all that potential . .

Like a lotto ticket sitting in the glove of the car - as long as I don't check the numbers, its the big winner.

As long as I don't submit . . er, no, that's going the other way.

Anyway; not doing a reflective post, lots went sour, plenty went well, or even better than expected. No publications to brag about, but got some writing done, settled some issues causing major stress, wrote (revised) some projects, and remembered how to be a real person again. See, I can be glass half full, a little.

No resolutions either, just a simple goal to make the best effort I can in everything, and to write 100 words a day (or at least most days) through 2016.

Congrats to all the writers who submitted to the IWSG Anthology; and bigger congrats to those that were accepted in the first publication. WHOOP! WHOOP!!

Visit our Insecure Writers Support Group host Alex J Cavanaugh for the list of winners, and then be sure to visit the co-hosts LG Keltner, Denise Covey, Shari Larsen, JQ Rose, Chemist Ken, and Michelle Wallace. You can find a list of participants by clicking here for the linky.

Happy New Year y'all.