Wednesday, September 5, 2018

IWSG: Publication Path

Here we are already into September. Another month gone, and I haven't posted on my blog, or commented on other blogs. This is getting to be a bad habit. I'm forcing myself to sit and finish this Insecure Writers Support Group post . . .

September's IWSG optional question: What publishing path are you considering/did you take, and why?

I have always been on the Traditional Publishing path - get agent/editor; Agent pretties up the novel and finds publisher; publisher/agent handles media and advertising; big bucks roll in while I write the next book.

Anybody else start with that fantasy? How has that worked out?

I'm insecure about my writing abilities, so having someone else (ie Agent/publisher) say its good has always been necessary for my ego. After several years of Agent queries and not a single acceptance (I don't count the vanity press that cost me lots of dollars but taught me valuable publication lessons), I put the novel writing on the back burner and have been writing short stories which I submit to Publishers myself. None of these publications have been paid (though rejections have been sparse) and I am again questioning my "publication path."

Recently - like, over the last two to three years - I've been considering Inde Publishing. I'm not as confident in my writing skills as I pretend, so self pubbing is a scary prospect. And it comes with a lot of out of pocket expenses (huh, like the vanity press) for things like book cover art, professional editing, and publication fees; acres of promo work; and the ever present prospect of no revenue. Would anyone actually read it once its available on Amazon or other publishing sites?

I know, we authors write for ourselves, the sheer joy of creating a story. Well, that's starting to sound like a lot of bunk to me. I want people to read and enjoy my stories; and I want to get paid for it.

Really got to put the butt in chair and get the writing done before worrying over the publishing path though. As I stare up at my posted 2018 writing goals, I realize I haven't accomplished anything on the list. And, its already September.

As Vonnegut says in Slaughterhouse Five - "so it goes."

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