Monday, May 25, 2015


Hosted by Sarah Foster of The Faux Fountain Pen

The party is happening on Monday, May 25. You can bring your muse or one of your characters. On that day, answer the questions below on your blog.

1. Who is your muse (or character)? Tell us a little bit about him/her and why you brought them.
My muse is a Boggart.
"A boggart is an amortal shape-shifting non-being that takes on the form of the viewer's worst fear (in this case fear of .. . Muggles (and this writer) can sometimes see Boggarts, but rarely see them plainly and are often easily convinced that they are a figment of their imagination.. . In Celtic mythology, a boggart (or bogart, bogan, bogle or boggle) is a household spirit, sometimes mischievous, sometimes helpful."
I'm not sure if my Muse is male or female or some kind of Daemon. Shows up when least expected, sometimes drunk, sometimes in a nasty mood, or so silly I can't stand to write that stream of consciousness. But when Muse wants to work, she can be witty, dramatic, sexy; or he can be insightful, sensitive, or devious. Muse changes with the characters Muse wishes to inspire into creation.

2. What are you guys wearing? Dressing up or keeping it casual?
We always keep it casual and comfortable. Jeans, t-shirt and tennis shoes. Yes, we can line dance and two step in sneakers, but the boot stomping just isn't as satisfying without the cowboy boots.

3. It's a potluck! Did you bring something yummy?
Devil'd eggs and/or potato salad. I make an awesome rainbow cake (jello cake), not at all stingy on the whipped cream, and if we add vodka to the mix it might even be better. Shall we try it?

4. Open bar! What are you both drinking (booze or otherwise)?
I'm a wino, Muse will drink anything if its free. We both agree on Strawberry Daiquiri and Sloe Comfortable Screw against the wall.

5. Wallflowers or social butterflies?
Depends on the crowd. If we go with a group, know enough people, we can flit around for a bit. But we're not good at taking the initiative in a crowd, especially if there are a lot of strangers.

6. What song(s) will you and your muse sing for karaoke?
Bette Midler's THE ROSE and Kentucky Headhunters OH! LONESOME ME

7. What's your favorite party game?
Hmm, been a long time since we played party games. Don't remember any. Will there be dancing involved?

8. Which one of you is more likely to end up dancing on a table top?
My Muse, of course! He's invisible when she wants to be, and always full of mischief. Besides, I have this fear of falling - won't even wear heels.

9. Has your muse been a good date and would you ever hang out with them again?
Capricious as Muse has been, s/he is always welcome, even when inconvenient. Nobody else is willing to listen to my crazy ideas and somehow make them sound sensible.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I wasn't the one to dance on the table either. I'd like to try your rainbow cake though.

blogoratti said...

Good stuff indeed!

Misha Gericke said...

The rainbow cake does sound awesome. ;-)

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I've not heard The Rose in years.

Tamara Narayan said...

A boggart as a muse? Genius. Love the picture. Alan Rickman was so, so perfect in that role.

A Beer For The Shower said...

A jello cake? I love cake, but don't really like jello. Can't figure out whether I would like this or not...

My muse is my wife, but if she died I assume she'd haunt me as a mischievous boggart.

Pat Hatt said...

Boggart is a perfect muse. Not sure on the cake though

Chrys Fey said...

A boggart is probably the best muse because it can turn into whatever you need to inspire you. Very cool!

Sarah Foster said...

Rainbow cake with vodka??? I'd say definitely bring some :D
Thanks for coming to my party!

Anonymous said...

I love deviled eggs! And a muse of such amorphous character seems like he/she would be brimming with creative ideas. ^^

dolorah said...

Alex: its awesome

Hi Blogo

Misha: it is

Diianne: Beautiful song, except when sung by me.

Tamara: that was the first role I saw him in, but he rocked it.

Beers: Jello in a cake is awesome. Your wife would probably love to be a boggart, she'd likely leave crumbs for YOU to clean up :)

Pat: gotta try it sometime

Chrys: yep

Sarah: this is a fabulous party :)

farawayeyes said...

Did somebody say cake, and party, and dancing. And wine! I like your muse. Did I mention the cake?

Patricia Lynne said...

Not sure if how you muse is would make him/her easy to pick out in the crowd or hard. LOL

Olga Godim said...

Great muse selection, very original. Write a story about this party - it would be hilarious.

Samantha Dunaway Bryant said...

Ah, jeans and sneakers. That's my kind of comfortable. Folks after my own heart.

Lisa said...

I LOVE deviled eggs, so hope you brought enough for me and my muse! I am really enjoying meeting your Muse and his/her way of morphing in and out of gender... Lisa @

dolorah said...

FAE: party on girlfriend, lol.

Patricia: I can sense when Muse is around.

Olga: yes, hilarious.

Samantha: only way to party

Lisa: I always cook lots of eggs.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Jeans and Sneakers? Sounds casual. Is your muse's first name Humphrey? Couldn't resist. :-) I know. I should have. Thanks for visiting.

AJ Lauer said...

Ooh a boggart would be interesting at a party.. And by interesting I mean possibly a mood killer as everyone was seeing what they were afraid of. Maybe your muse should go sit with J.H.'s? They can hang out and freak people out! :)

Denise Covey said...

Boggart sounds a very capricious muse. I like the rare occasions where there's an open bar, but when you like champagne there's never enough. Great entry for the muse fest Donna.

Denise :-)

J.H. Moncrieff said...

Love the drink choices! And ah, The Rose--a surefire crowd pleaser.

When done well, no one can compete.

Beverly Stowe McClure said...

Sorry I missed the party. Reading about your muse has been fun.

Heather M. Gardner said...

Devious. Sounds like a good name for a muse. :)
Jello cake with vodka sound good!

Great post!


Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

Oh I was lured in by the descriptions of delicious food. I'd taste your rainbow cake. Is it worth a trip to Cali? Hmm.

Onomiroro Dono Okeh said...

Hmmm!sounds cool.

Caryn Caldwell said...

Ha ha! I love it! That picture is especially awesome. Good luck and happy writing to you AND your Boggart muse!

klahanie said...

Hey Donna!

"Boggart"! Your muse seems to be a lot of things all at the same time. Actually, I reckon you and your musing muse would both end up dancing on the table top.

Another blog fest, yippee and gosh! :)

Nicely done, dear Donna.


Mark Koopmans said...

Your #4 answer was the BEST I've seen on a blog hop in a long time :)

(possibly 'cos I'm a wino, too :)

dolorah said...

Roland: my Muse's name is anything, and everything, lol

AJ: with a room full of writers, I'm sure the fears would all be rejection letters, bad reviews, and a blank white page.

Denise: nope, never enough champagne :)

JH: hehehe, I've been known to send people out screaming before I'm done singing the song. I suppose I have a bit of Banshee in me :)

Bev: next time :)

Aloha! Mark; we wino's have to stick together :) Love the new picture.

Thanks Heather

Mikey: Why yes, well worth the trip!!

Ono: Hello, thanks for stopping by

Thanks Caryn

Hey Gary: I have missed your humor. Glad you stopped by.