Tuesday, September 15, 2015


I promised to post for this episode of THE BATTLE OF THE BANDS, hosted by the 60's child Far Away Eyes and Mr Wanderlust Stephen T. McCarthy; but this isn't the post I originally put together. Or, almost put together then saved as a draft to use someday.

But, I was lucky enough to meet the lovely FAE over the weekend, and my my what a marvelous time we had. She invited me into her home, let me use her restroom, the dog greeted me with anxious barking. And then we went out for food and wine, and a phallic picture to send to our mutual heart throb through sexting . . . er texting; and talked and talked until way into the night, when even the dog lost interest. Then, I drove the three hours home.

We had such a blast getting to know each other, and of course we'll do it again, soon and frequently. FAE could be my sistah from another mistah we're so alike.

On my way out I promised to post something appropriate about our visit, and she grimaced (yes, grimaced) and suggested something totally inappropriate would relevant. Are we alike or what??

Well, so much easier said than done, as I had problems finding covers for all the inappropriate songs I could think of. I blame this mind freeze on the wine. And both of our hope for a somewhat family friendly posting.

This battle is going to be just a little out of the ordinary. I have two songs that one might consider inappropriate content. I enjoyed them very much, laughing so hard with my head phones on my ex-husband decided to go out to his trailer way early and left me with the TV to watch FEAR THE WALKING DEAD.

Anyway, here's your two inappropriate songs to vote on. Listen to both, and pick which one you feel is the most inappropriate - or the most fun.

Toby Keith and Scotty Emerick: WEED WITH WILLIE

According to Songtracks: Toby Keith wrote this with Nashville songwriter Scotty Emerick, who he's collaborated with many times. The first time Emerick and Keith met Willie Nelson, they visited Willie's bus to present their song "Beer For My Horses" as a possible duet for Toby and Willie. Not only did they achieve a #1 Country hit for "Horses" from that experience, but they had a night to remember, which inspired this song. Since then, Scotty says, "I've smoked weed with Willie, like, 20 times. You have to, you know. When in Rome." And it is really, really good stuff. "I think fans come and bring it to him."

Next up we have the always hilarious Mr Ray Stevens saving souls at The Mississippi Squirrel Revival.

 Stevens . . joined MCA in 1984 as a "country comedy" act and thereafter released only novelty song albums. The fan-voted Music City News awards named Stevens Comedian of the Year for nine consecutive years from 1986 to 1994. A few of Stevens' singles charted during this time, but only one, "Mississippi Squirrel Revival," made it to the Top 40, On April 14, 2011, Stevens decided to end his subscription-based web-site, Ray Stevens Backstage, after a two-year run. A music video from Ray uploaded on YouTube in 2009 but taped in 1992 entitled The Mississippi Squirrel Revival surpassed a million on-line views. This became the third music video from Stevens to obtain at least a million on-line views. (Wikipedia source)

Time to vote, if you dare, on which is most inappropriate, or most fun. For more BATTLE OF THE BANDS listening please visit the linky list provided by Stephen T McCarthy.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That's awesome you got to spend time with Faraway Eyes!
Both were funny. Something about the squirrel one though. That gets my vote.

Denise Covey said...

Great time had by you two. Can tell that food and wine had a great effect. I didn't mind ole Willie, especially when he teamed with Waylon Jennings. Hmm...weed with Willie. Anything for alliteration! Heh, heh!

Pat Hatt said...

Awesome you got to meet up and had a great time. Willie gets my vote, found that one fun.

Arlee Bird said...

Willie's Weed song expressed sentiments that I could appreciate. Fun for me, but maybe inappropriate for some--lighten up folks. Or should I say "Light up!"

I've got to cast my vote for Ray Stevens though. The guy is so clever with lyrics and this song is no exception.

A vote for Ray Stevens.

Arlee Bird
A to Z Challenge Co-host
Tossing It Out

Michele Truhlik said...

What a fun battle!!! Both are fantastic. I laughed at the Willie one for sure but cracked up with the squirrel revival. Such a fun song. This is a tough one for sure but my vote is going to Ray Stevens. That song is going to be stuck in my head all day I think!
So cool that you got to connect with Fae! Now that's fun!
Michele at Angels Bark

D.G. Hudson said...

Willie always gets my vote and since he's in the background of Song #2 - Toby and Scotty (I'll never...) gets my vote. I laughed at all three of these songs, Donna, thanks for the mirth in my morning. Vote #2 would have gotten my second vote if there was one, since I remember attending a similar church in my youth and also running around barefoot in the summer...

D.G. Hudson said...

Forgot - good to see you with FAE! That's how I'd appear too with a hat and sunglasses. Incognito has its purposes...

Carol Kilgore said...

Can I vote for all the above?
I didn't think so.
Then I choose the squirrel.
Loved all these laughs :)

farawayeyes said...

Ha, ha, ha! you call those songs inappropriate - AMATURE!!

I should do something terrible to you for publishing THAT picture, but that's what I get for drinking with you. Ha! I guess I can be grateful you didn't post the Willie lookalike, eh?

I once went to The First Self Righteous Church, unfotunately I wasn't there the day the squirrel went to church. Was his name Rocket J.? Anyway, enough of this nonsense, give my vote to Ray.

Dixie@dcrelief said...

My how times have changed. Weed is okay again, but church is taking a beaten. All's well that ends well. Glad you and Fae had a great time!!

I vote for the Squirrel-ly Church!

dolorah said...

Alex: we had a blast :)

Dx: I might even have a toke if Willie were sitting next to me. Especially in his bus!

Hi Pat :)

Lee: Light up is appropriate, lol. Ray has always been one of my fav country-comedians. I need to take some time and listen to some of his serious songs.

Michele: Ah, it worked, the song will lift your mood all day :)

DG: and the song is ABOUT Willie also, so a plus plus :) My church as a kid was never this much fun, but they did gossip about each other a lot. FAE and I had a great time, gossiping about mutual blogger friends, lol. Some day I hope to have a similar meeting with you.

Carol: Who's keeping score? Glad they made you laugh.

FAE: I had trouble with my phone and sending pictures to myself. The Willie look-alike was a bit too dark, but it is my favorite and would have made me seem like I spent the evening with Willie. In his trailer. Perhaps with Toby . . . Next time Rocket J (aka Capt Morgan) might join us. Or Jose, since he's such a good friend to you.

Polka Dot: I know!?! Its legal in Colorado now; soon in CA. Not that Cali's care much about legalities.

Hey All: I'm out of town until Thursday and internet is spotty in my motel room. Luckily it stay long enough to post this response. I'll catch all the BotB posts when I get home and can enjoy my wine and easy chair :)

Debbie D. said...

How great that you and FAE were able to visit and hit it off so well! ☺ Meeting people is the greatest part of blogging, isn't it?
I thought both songs were fun and didn't find anything "inappropriate", but then, I have a high threshold. ;)
The "Weed with Willie" song made me smile the most, so I vote for that one.

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

Great song choices for sure, but my vote is a no-brainer for (Link:->) Jim Stafford's "WILDWOOD WEED".

~ D-FensDogG
'Loyal American Underground'

POSTSCRIPT: You didn't REALLY "ekspekt" me to play by the rules, didja? (And wouldn't you have been dis'pointed if I had?)

Birgit said...

Both are funny but I have to give it to Never smoke weed with Willie. I enjoyed the fun of that song and the somewhat truth behind it. The other one is just as funny and great with the lyrics but too Hee Haw for me-smokey smoke gets my vote

David P. King said...

What a hard choice. But I'm going with Ray, because squirrels. :)

Robin said...

Before we get to the vote, just want to say I think it's awesome you and FAE met and had such a great time. I love the pic! Meeting a fellow blogger in person... just so much fun... :)

Well, I liked both of your inappropriate picks! But the Ray Stevens song had me busting out laughing, so I guess he gets my vote.

Thanks for the fun battle!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely going with The Mississippi Squirrel Revival! So hilarious!

Jeffrey Scott said...

Definitely have to go with the squirrel song. Never been a Willie Nelson fan to begin with, and the squirrel song was funny. I did laugh out loud watching it. Thanks for the laugh.

cleemckenzie said...

I'm going for Willie. He always dazzles!

mike spain said...

Tough one, Ray Stevens gets my vote but I liked both songs.

dolorah said...

Debbie: anything with Toby Keith (and Willie) makes me smile.

St Mac: loved it. It is a "weed". Grows everywhere. Seeds or no. "Play by the rules?" yeah right, there are no rules here. Notice I smoked those rules away here first!!

Birgit: a toke-n for Willie. Appropriate :)

David: right!?!

Robyn: yep, we had a blast. Have to have a longer good-time next time :) My aim with this post was to make you laugh.

Madi: Squirrel!!!

Jeff: my pleasure, glad you had fun here.

cLee: Willie is one of my fav boyfriends ya know.

Mike: thanks :)

DEZMOND said...

that lady is surely rocking that humongous hat!

A Beer For The Shower said...

You met FAE! We are both so incredibly envious of you. She's such an awesome person. I can only imagine how that translates to non-Internet-life.

And let me just say, you instantly hooked us when you said "inappropriate songs." I think I'm in BOTB paradise. Both were awesome, but the Squirrel Revival was especially hilarious. Cast our vote for Ray Stevens.

Cathy Kennedy said...

How cool that you kittens got to have a meet and mew! What a fun BOTB!! This one was totally easy for me. The Mississippi Squirrel Revival is hoot, so I'm giving my vote to Ray Stevens!

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

Very cool that you connected with one of the bloggers out there. It's nice to see Faraway on the mainland.

Elizabeth Seckman said...

How awesome that you guys got to meet and spend time together.

Life's too short to be appropriate all the time.